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Land Survey Plat in Colorado

Count on Aegis Surveying, Inc. when you need a land survey plat with development locations.  Whether your goal is to build an addition to an existing structure or build a new structure on a site, this is a crucial step in proving it is acceptable to do so.

Land Survey Plat
A land survey plat is a map of a monumental survey of a parcel of land. The land survey plat includes several items as set forth in the Colorado Revised Statutes 38-51-106. The state of Colorado requires several criteria for a land survey plat. We meet those requirements by providing:
  • A scale drawing of the boundaries of the parcel
  • All dimensions necessary to establish the boundary in the field
  • A description of all monuments, both found and set, which mark the property boundaries
  • A basis of the bearings used, and any conflicting boundary evidence 
  • A statement by the surveyor that the survey was performed either by him or under his direct supervision.

Land Survey Plat, Development Locations in Denver, CO

Land Survey Plat with Development Locations
In addition, to the information found in a land survey map, development locations may be required. The details of a land survey plat with development locations may include, but are not limited to:
  • Site Elevations     • Utility Locations     • The Building On The Site     • Neighboring Building Front Setbacks

Surveys Protect Your Interests 
  The land surveyor plays a crucial role in documenting the history of land. When a monumented land survey is performed on a parcel that has never been platted or is located within a platted sub-division filed more than twenty years ago, the state demands a new or updated Land Survey Plat. The survey results become public record, which may help to protect your interests.

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