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Improvement Location Certificates in Colorado

You can rely on Aegis Surveying, of Denver, Colorado to provide Improvement Location Certificates that are typically requested by mortgage or title insurance companies. Improvement Location Certificates (ILC) supply evidence that a property exists and assure that improvements are situated on the site.

Definition of an ILC
An ILC is a scaled drawing of a particular site based on platted or recorded dimensions and on measurements taken in the field by or under the supervision of a registered land surveyor. Prepared by Aegis Surveying, an ILC shows:

  • The Site's Boundary Lines
  • Other Record Easements of Which The Surveyor Has Been Advised
  • The Location of Platted Easements  • The Location and Size of Constructed Improvements within These Lines

Different than a Land Survey Plat
An ILC is not a Land Survey Plat or Improvement Survey Plat in which the surveyor performs the necessary measurements and analyses in order to set property corner monuments and be able to certify that this is a "true and correct" survey of the property's boundary. An ILC's property lines are normally ascertained by occupation lines such as existing fencing, curbing, etc.

When in doubt...
At times, during the preparation of an ILC, it is concluded that the site's boundary lines cannot be defined without leading to confusion as to the approximate location of the boundary. In these cases, a note suggesting the preparation of a Land Survey Plat or Improvement Survey Plat may be included.

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